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According to the law, this treatment will be based on principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of your privacy and your rights.

According to article 13 of the GDPR 2016/679, therefore, we provide you with the following information:

A – Personal data (name, surname, identification document and copy thereof, telephone, email address, etc.) will be provided upon accession depending on the type of association requested

La Luna Sul Trebbio Di Di Domenico Domenico And Davide & CSas, as owner of the processing of your personal data, inform you about their use and your rights, so that you can knowingly express your consent, where required, and exercise the rights provided by the General Regulation for the protection of personal data (European Regulation 679/2016, later: The regulation). Your personal data (provided by you, by third parties or coming, within the limits of the law, from public lists) may be processed for the following expressly stated purposes: marketing

The legal basis of the treatment is represented by: E The explicit consent of the interested party In particular, we specify the meaning of the types of purpose:

  1. of law: that is, to fulfill the obligations provided for by the law, by a regulation, by the European Union legislation as well as by provisions issued by Authorities legitimated by law or by competent supervisory or control bodies (in this case, your consent does not it is necessary because the processing of data is related to compliance with these obligations / provisions). Among the data processed by law we mention those relating to tax regulations or anti-money laundering registers.
  2. contractual and, more generally, administrative-accounting, that is to carry out obligations deriving from the contracts of which you are part or to fulfill, before the conclusion of the contract, to your specific requests, also by means of remote communication techniques, including a call dedicated telephone center (in this case your consent is not necessary, since the data processing is functional to the management of the relationship or to the execution of the requests); these treatments also include the purpose deriving from the protection of mutual interests in the courts and for tax purposes or for other legal obligations such as, for example, the keeping of an anti-money laundering register if applicable.
  3. direct commercial: data processing activities aimed at providing you with information and sending you information, commercial and advertising material (including by means of distance communication techniques such as, by way of example only, postal correspondence, telephone calls also through automated call systems, fax, electronic mail , SMS or MMS or other types of messages on products, services or initiatives of the company, to promote them, to carry out direct sales, to carry out market research, to check the quality of the products or services offered to you (also via phone calls or sending questionnaires). The processing of such data may take place by its optional consent or based on the legitimate interest of the company where it is deemed and assessed as not conflicting with your rights.
  1. Profiling: data processing activities aimed at optimizing the commercial offer (also through focused and selected analyzes), to carry out targeted commercial communications, to carry out statistical research, to apply one or more profiles (in order to make appropriate commercial decisions or to analyze or predict, always for commercial purposes, your personal preferences, your behaviors and your attitudes). (In this case your consent is optional and does not affect the maintenance of relations with the company).
  2. indirect commercial: that is by communicating your data to third parties to third parties so that they carry out their own commercial activities as indicated in the previous number 3. (In this case your consent is optional and does not prejudice the maintenance of relations with the company)
  3. commercial post: that is, in order to investigate the reasons for the termination of the relationship, following the termination or withdrawal of relations with the Company. (In this case your consent is optional and does not affect the maintenance of relations with the company)
  4. It is possible that the Holder changes the purposes for which your data has been collected. In this case, the Data Controller will collect your explicit consent to the new purposes if it is necessary according to the regulations in force
  5. ‘Special’ data, also known as ‘sensitive’, ie personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data intended to uniquely identify a natural person, data relating to health or sex life or sexual orientation of the person (article 9 of the regulation) or relating to criminal convictions and crimes or related security measures (article 10 of the regulation). These data can be processed only with your explicit written consent if one of the reasons indicated in article 9 paragraph 2 and art. 10 of the regulation. Consent is free and optional, but refusal to consent could jeopardize the performance of one or more activities that you request from the company that specifically concerns facts for which it is essential to treat this type of data.
  6. The consent to the processing of your data may be binding for the purpose of concluding contracts with the Data Controller or with third parties. Only the data whose processing is indispensable for the purpose of concluding the contract can be binding for the purpose of concluding the contract, while you can freely release or deny consent for non-essential data, and in particular for the purpose of profiling, commercial communications , marketing.
  1. You are under the age of 18 and over 14 years. Your data will therefore be treated with particular care to confidentiality and in the restricted time frame necessary to fulfill the services you requested from the Data Controller, excluding purposes other than those underlying the existing relationship between you and the Owner.
  2. Your data may be subject to transfer to third parties for the purposes stated by the Owner. In particular, they may be transferred to third countries subject to a judgment of adequacy or, failing this, subject to your explicit consent.


The processing of your data takes place by manual means and by means of manual / paper-based archiving and by electronic and automated means, with methods strictly related to the aforementioned purposes. Where you have consented, the processing can also be done by profiling or comparing data. The Company has adopted technical and organizational measures aimed at preventing and limiting the risk of loss, deterioration, theft of your data, and to assure a reasonable recovery in the event of a data breach.

The processing takes place in order to guarantee the security, protection and confidentiality of your data.

Inside the company, they can learn about your personal data, as managers or processors:

  • employees, managers and directors or shareholders of the company who have or hold, by law or by company by-laws, administrative, collaborative or commercial roles subject to self-employment contracts that operate within the structure of the company. Such personnel have been provided by the Company with adequate training and instructions to protect the conservation, maintenance, updating and security and confidentiality of your data. The consent to the processing by such personnel is not required as it is inherent in the necessary procedures provided for by law.

Outside the company, your data may be processed by:

  • collaborators subject to non-employee employment contracts operating outside the company structures
  • commercial subject to a non-employee employment contract operating outside the company’s facilities
  • consultants of any kind (lawyers, doctors or accountants, engineers, architects, labor consultants or other professionals registered or not enrolled in professional associations), who perform technical and support tasks on behalf of the company (in particular: legal services, services IT, shipping) and corporate control.

For the pursuit of the aforementioned purposes, the company may communicate or in any case transmit your data to certain subjects, including foreign ones, who will use the data received as independent co-owners, unless they have been designated by the company as “responsible” of the treatments of their specific competence It is your right to request and obtain the list of third parties to whom such data is transmitted.

  • Public bodies or public administrations for the fulfillment of legal obligations

It is possible that the data controller may delegate the processing of your data to other responsible sub-managers, who are in turn instructed on the correct data processing methods.

For your protection, the Data Controller has appointed the Data Protection Officer in the person of Alberto Minarelli

Your data has been collected directly from you and we therefore provide you with the following information in this form where applicable:

  • data of the owner and the representative
  • data protection data manager
  • purpose and legal basis of the processing
  • data recipients
  • intention to transfer data abroad
  • duration of the storage period or criteria for determining the duration
  • right to access, rectification, cancellation, opposition to processing, portability
  • right to revoke treatment if possible unless required by law
  • possibility to expose complaints to the authority (Guarantor)
  • if the data is mandatory for the execution of a contract, or by law and the consequences if the consent is not given
  • if the data are or will be subject to profiling and, if so, the logic of profiling
  • the existence of automatic decision-making processes and the data subject’s right to decisions being made following human intervention.

Your data will be kept by the Data Controller, with respect to the intended purposes, the time necessary to carry out the existing relationship with you and to be able to guarantee mutual protection in the judicial seat of the rights as well as to comply with legal obligations including those of a nature tax. The data not necessary for the latter purposes will be removed within the maximum period provided for by the right to be forgotten, as indicated below in this statement, or, at his request, even in a shorter time if not in contrast with the rights of the Owner.

The data of the interested party that should not be kept for specific legal obligation will be deleted within 10 years from the last use of the platform

With regards to the profiling logics, the company declares the following: Users registered on the website are profiled based on the products added to the cart and based on the products purchased. To achieve this, the system uses technical cookies.


You may, at any time, exercise the following rights expressly recognized by the Regulations:

  • You have the right to file a complaint with the national authority at any time (Guarantor for the protection of personal data) if you believe your right is violated
  • You have the right to have your data always accurate and up to date and therefore may at any time report or request the update of the same
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of data where this is not prevented by the law or by the need to protect the rights of the owner even in court. In any case, the request for revocation gives rise to the right to limit the processing.
  • You have the right to access your data processed by the Owner through a written request, including an IT request. It is essential that you can provide us with proof of your identity, possibly even by accessing our databases through credentials that are uniquely referable to your person. She has the right to free access only once, while a fee may be requested for requests subsequent to the first. You have the right to get a reply within thirty days of the request. You have the right to have your data in printable formats.
  • You have the right to the correction and updating of your data and may at any time request the updating and correction where it verifies that the data in our possession were not updated or incorrect. In order to guarantee the updating of the data, we invite you to notify us of any useful changes.
  • You have the right to delete your data, as long as it is not data that the Data Controller must keep for specific legal obligations such as, for example, obligations deriving from tax regulations, anti-money laundering or for the protection of the rights of the holder in litigation .
  • If you contest the accuracy of your data, or the lawfulness of the processing, or the right of the owner to delete your data, or you oppose the processing of data and the owner disputes your opposition, you are entitled to have your data are stored but not processed except within the limits of what is needed to resolve the dispute over the data.
  • If the Data Controller modifies or deletes your data in whole or in part, you are entitled to be informed and oppose the modification and cancellation
  • You have the right to transfer your data – stored and processed electronically – to another operator, within the limits indicated by the Regulations, and provided that it is technically feasible, in such a way as to allow easy reading and acquisition by third parties. The data for which you are entitled to transfer (portability) also includes data deriving from the automatic observation of your activity carried out through the IT services of the Data Controller, such as research and chronology of the activities performed
  • You have the right to object to the processing of your data, to profiling, to the use of data for direct marketing, to profiling by public interest or for purposes of scientific, historical or statistical research.
  • The company may, under certain circumstances, adopt automated procedures in order to make decisions that concern it and in particular in order to decide whether and under what conditions to enter into contracts directly or through third parties with you. In this case, you are entitled to request that , before making a binding decision, your position is in any case examined by a human operator who carries out a merit assessment. The use of automated decision procedures may lead to your exclusion from certain offers, offers or the right to conclude contracts or to benefit from particular promotions.
  • Since your data may be processed in order to carry out e-commerce activities, you are entitled to have your data processed according to the best state-of-the-art IT procedures. Your data may for this purpose be transferred to third parties for the purpose of completing, in whole or in part, the technical-IT procedures relating to the conclusion of the contract and its execution, such as, for example, third-party servers , managers of logistics and transport services. Your consent for this purpose is always necessary and, in the event of failure to consent to the processing of the data necessary for the conclusion of the transactions, the Company may not be able to provide you with the services requested. The consent to the processing of the indispensable data must be separated from the consent to the acquisition of non-essential data or for purposes other than those relating to the conclusion of the contracts relating to electronic commerce.
  • The company may, under certain circumstances, process your data in order to communicate with you about commercial or informational or educational initiatives (so-called newsletters). In this case your consent, if necessary, must be explicit and separate from other forms of consent and you can revoke the consent given for this purpose at any time.
  • You have the right to be consulted when assessing the security procedures for the processing and protection of your data


Your data may be processed by the following subjects:

  1. [holder] La Luna Sul Trebbio By Di Domenico Giulia and Davide & CSas Via San Savino 44 – 47015 Modigliana (FC) PI: 03952000408
  2. [co-owners] Of Domenico Giulia and Di Domenico Davide
  3. [representative] Not applicable
  4. [responsible] Di Domenico Giulia and Di Domenico Davide
  5. [RDP / DPO] By Domenico Giulia


Your requests can be exercised by written communications to the Company’s address in Via San Savino 44 – 47015 Modigliana (FC)

or to the e-mail address or, if provided, autonomously within the personal area placed at your disposal electronically by means of a unique identifier.

Last update: 12/07/2019